H1B visa stamping Personal interview appearing with shaved/tonsured head


I have shaved my head just couple of weeks before for prayer offering, I have to plan my H1B visa stamping appearing shortly. I got confuession like appearing with tonsured head would vary my look compare with the available photos in the passport. should i wait to get some hair else Can i go ahead for appearing?

please help.

It should not matter. The VOs are trained to identify different hair/beard looks. Best of luck for the stamping !

this should not matter. when you go on day 1 for VFS appointment, your photo will be clicked for visa and that is what the VO will look at to make sure the same person is coming for interview.

I had enough hair by the time and even i did hair cut before appearing for interview on November last week.

The interview process was simplest. Only 2 questions.

  1. What’s your client?
  2. What’s your salary in U.S?

I had spent less 60 seconds with interview window to get it approved. By the way its not 0.1% of time of my preparation time.

Thanks. Good luck folks.