H1B- visa -stamping in India

  1. I did my MBA in 2008 to 2010.

  2. Got appointment with MNC ( With 6000 employee and offices in 120 contries.) in Jun 2010 till date in a very good position and salary ( Working for almost four years in the same company).

  3. Got H1B on Sep 2010.

  4. I did not go for my first VISA stamping ( 2010 to 2013) but remained in US only.

5.My II VISA- extention approved in Sep 2013 till Sep2016.

  1. I have got my I 140 Cleared/Approved.

  2. Now I want to go for VISA- stamping to India / Chennai. Is there any chances of VISA -stamping denial since I have not got my First H1B- VISA- stamped.

  3. Request help.