H1B Visa Stamping in Canada (H4-H1)

Hi Saurabh,

I got my H1B approved in July 2011 (from F1 - OPT visa) with an effective H1 date of 1st October, 2011. I visited India in Dec 2011 (for my marrige) and when i interviewed for my H1 visa Stamping at the US Consulate in Kolkata, India my H1 B visa was denied. (Me and wife went for the H1B interview together…hers got approved and mine did not).

Then I applied for an H4 visa in Jan 2012 and it was approved. I flew back to the US in Jan 2012 itself and my employer (consultant) re-applied for H1 B and i got the approved H1B (I-797) in March 2012 and have been working since then.

Now for this time…to be more careful I am planning to get my H1 B visa stamped in Canada by the end of this year\early next year.

Please let me know your thoughts / suggesstions/ advice of my chances of getting my H1B approved this time in Canada and not in India? (While still working with a consultant but my client is a very well respected company in the USA.

Also, Worst Case Scenario: My H4 is valid until Dec 2014, So incase if my H1 visa gets denied in Canada as well, Can i re enter US on my H4 visa and that the visa officer will not cancel my H4 visa as my status was H1?