H1B Visa Stamping for New Cases (Oct'21 start)

My H1B petition got approved on Aug 27, 2021, can I apply for visa stamping in India while Presidential Proclamations is in effect?

Yes, if you get appointment you can go for visa stamping. Getting NIE letter will help with successful stamping if approved.

Iā€™m also in the same boat, but for 1st time h1b visa stamping, how to get NIE approval before going to visa stamping?, and if we have a visa slot, shall we attend regular visa stamping?, because I have a scheduled appointment in next month.

Same process for first time H1B. Ask either your employer to provide NIE letter if you are working in one of the 16 critical sectors or write one yourself on how you qualify explaining your job role and how it is linked to NIE sector.

Hi Sudhakar, When did you book the appointment for visa stamping? On the https://ustraveldocs.com/in it shows the limites Service availability page. Can we book interview? Pls guide

Thanks, Kalpesh, You are right, we need to carry the NIE supporting letter from HR instead of sending the NIE approval request to US consulate.
I booked my slot around April 21, Now also opening limited slots , please keep on checking the website.