H1B Visa stamping - extended Presidential Proclammation


My organization filed for my status change (L1B to H1B) which got approved but I don’t have the visa stamping yet. I already have the Consular appointment for mid Jan for which I was supposed to travel early next week. Any clue if the consulates will still hold the current appointments after the extension of the travel ban?

Well, they may or may not have regular appointments. Many of them said that they are going to cancel the March and Feb 2021 appointments. Also, EAs are given very sparsely. You can check below article that tracks all the updates. Prepare for backup, before you plan anything.

thank you for your response!

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I had my appointment yesterday in the London Embassy. They are only giving appointments for visa interviews IF you can qualify for special permission to enter the USA during Covid. So the Embassy was empty basically - we were the last people to leave - at 10.30am and that was it for the day!