H1B Visa Stamping - Dropbox with Multiple Approval Notices

Hello Guys,

could someone please help me with the following query?

I have an approved H1B extension till Mar 2021 and i’m planning to go for visa stamping using dropbox option before Mar2021( using current 24 months validity ). I have also applied for an extension petition which got approved but due to some reasons the approval notice has been delayed and I might receive the notice by Feb 2021.

My question is, if I book an appointment for visa stamping using the Mar 2021 approval notice, but also submit my latest approval notice ( beyond Mar 2021, assuming i receive it before the appointment ) along with previous approval notice (till Mar 2021), do you think the Consulate will consider the most latest approval notice for stamping or will they just consider the Mar 2021 approval notice which was used for booking the dropbox appointment.

Pls advise.


You need to have the latest approval notice for going for dropbox. There is no point in going with the shorter duration one that ends in march. You would only submit the most recent one that has longer expirty.

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Hi Kumar,

I am in similar situation. My current petition is valid until June, 2021 and have a new extension petition valid from June, 2021. I do not have a valid visa to travel back if i visit India now. I am planning to visit India in March and eligible for drop box. Wondering which petition need to be mentioned in DS160? Please suggest me