H1B visa stamping documents check list


I would like to appreciate your efforts for helping with valuable suggestions.


My H1B 2013 petition is approved and waiting for visa stamping. I need few clarifications so that i dont end up with 221(g).


I have these documents right now:

1. DS-160 appointment confirmation page
2. Passport 
3. Original i-797
4. Passport size photo
5. I-129 
6. LCA

I am working for indian company(since last 5 years- total ~500 employees) and they have opened branch in US last year and have only 5 to 10 employees(In US).  They have filed H1B petition for me and it is approved. Client is not yet confirmed or currently in discussion stage.Now what are the documents I need to take for visa interview from employer side. 

I found details regarding few employer documents which needs to carry for visa interview     


	Employment contract letter signed by you and the H1B visa sponsor

	H1B Sponsor’s Income tax returns of last two years and Financial statements

	Notarized list of all the H1B Sponsor’s employees at the listed job site with specified information about each employee.

	H1B sponsor’s  State unemployment  wage reports for wages paid to employees within the state

	Letter from Client company regarding project and copy of contract between H1B sponsor and client with all the details of time of project, agreement, etc

	Copy of contract between H1B sponsor and the job site ( the location where you will work)

	Letter from job site that there is a vacancy for you to work there

	A detail report on the project that you will work on at client including the technical details, time line, current status, employees assigned, etc

	Employer documents(his w2s etc)

	Client Place photos

Do I need to carry any of above documents?


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These documents are not mandatory and may or may not be required depending upon your profile, employer size, history etc. Talk to your immigration team if these are needed (other employees in your company may have experienced this in past). If you want to be safe, then carry all the documents (if 221g is issued, then it could be a long painful wait).