H1B Visa Stamping and Passport Question

Hi,My H1B visa was approved last year and I started working on H1B from Oct 1, 2014. The H1B has been approved for 3 years, so it’s valid until Sept, 2017.My question is - My passport is valid only until January, 2017 and my visa has been approved until Sept 2017. I’m planning to go to India for my stamping next month and I have already paid the appointment fees (but I’m yet to book an appointment date yet). Somebody told me that I have to renew my passport before I go for the stamping since the passport end date is before the visa end date. Is this true? I’m scared because I have already completed the DS160 form and paid the appointment fees and I mentioned in the DS160 form that currently I hold only one passport and that I don’t have any old passports. Can anyone suggest if I’m getting scared unnecessarily or if I have to renew my passport? Please advise.P.S. This is my first time H1B stamping. So I’m kinda nervous.

So you don’t have any visa stamp on your passport right now? Usually they’ll stamp it with validity only till the passport expiration date. However there is a certain period (6 months before passport expiration I believe) where they will make you get a new passport. Indian consulates here won’t give you a new passport 6 months before anyways

Thank you for your answer. I have the student visa stamping on my passport and I will be going to India to get my H1B visa stamped.