H1B VISA Stamped - Can I search job in US from India


My present company has filed H1B VISA and it is stamped. I worked in US for 2 months. Now returned to India. I need help with below,

  1. Can I directly search job in US from India? And join US company/consultancy?
  2. Will my present company cancel my VISA? As they initiated it for me?
  3. If “YES” for question 1, then can you please tell me what would be the process?
  4. If “YES” for question 2, then can I re-stamp my VISA with another US employer?


Hi Raj

Yes you can. Here is what is needed to be done. Assuiming your visa stamp is still valid, your visa will have to be transferred to your new employer. It is best to approach consulting or staffing companies who will facilitate the transfer, they will become your new employers. Once you get the approval for the H1 transfer, you have the option of travelling on your earlier stamp or approaching the US embassy for fresh stamping.

I hope this helps.

Sandeep Dhurka


Hi Raj ,

We are looking for candidates having stamped h1b and who are looking for h1b transfer .

Consultadd will transfer your h1b from your old employer to Consultadd and you can work on payroll of consultadd in USA with our clients.

You can drop your resume to roshan.khamkar@consultadd.in , and can contact me on 9130080778 .

Thank you ,

Roshan .