H1B visa stamp expiration does not match i797

Hi, I just got the new h1b Visa stamped on my passport using drop box facility at chennai. But the duration of the visa is just 2 years, instead of 3 years as indicated in the i797 petition.
The ped on the stamp is correctly listed for 3 years and matches the expiration date on i797.

has anybody encountered this situation? I have now returned to the US. how do i go about resolving this issue? any help/suggestion is much appreciated.


It can happen. Sometimes, they give only one year in certain countries. It is very much dependent on a case by case basis. Nothing to worry…

Thanks. Any tips to resolve this? They have shortchanged me by a year. Can I get them to fix the duration and change it back to 3 years.

Hey abykby, I’m in the same boat! Did you figure out what happened? Thanks, Olga