H1B visa sponsorship for a candidate through one or more consultancies.


I am looking for consultancies which can sponsor H1B visa. But I need  few clarifications here. Can someone please help me out here.


My doubts are,

	Is it a good idea a to approach one or more consultancies simultaneously ? or should I stick to only one consultancy?

	If I stick to only one how will I track them that they are serious about my profile.

	If I approach more than one , what if all are ready to sponsor the visa?

Thanks with Regards

  1. You may approach, but the concept of consulatnices for H1B Visa has been gone, with tighther USCIS rules for adjudicating H1B visa. You need to be careful with the body shopping comapnies.

  2. Again, you need to find a good employer, who believes in you and sponsors your H1B Visa.

  3. It is the choice of the employers, they can sponsor. It will give you more optios to choose from.

Mr.Kumar I Thank you for your valuable answer.