H1B Visa Revoked


I got my h1b in 2013. Due to health reason delayed working and was able to join the company only in the month of May 2014.

I was jobless from Oct 2013 to May 2014. Not even generated pay stub.

I started working from May 2014 to till date on pay less than mentioned in LCA.

On 12/ 18 USCIS has revoked my H1b. Not sure about the reason; my employer tells since I was on leave and my pay is not as per the LCA. My employer informed he will be filing an appeal and can work till we get final decision.

Can you please answer on the below query:

What is the chance of getting the approval in such case?

I am not on H4 so do I need to leave the country or can I apply for H4 transfer?

You are in a deep deep trouble. Your employer is doing all that non sense for his personal financial gain. You can file a complaint with the dept of labor and also talk to an experienced attorney. Since you were involved in fraud by yourselves that would mean you might be banned from entering USA once you leave the country. Appeal or a motion takes more than 6 months to 1 year. So that option is out of question. U are not in a good situation dudeā€¦