H1B visa renewal process and can it be done from India?

Hey Sourabh…My H1B visa is expiring on 07 Sep 2013…I am currently in India…I was been told that it takes atleast 6 weeks for visa renewal and it can be done only in US…I wanted to know what is the maximum period taken by USCIS to renew the H1B visa…my company will file for 2 yearsextension…I also wanted to know if it can be renewed from India or I have to compulsory visit US for the renewal…Can you kindly help…thanks a lot.

They can file cap-exempt petition for you while you are outside of US.

Processing time is 2-4 months under regular processing and 15 calendar days for PP. If RFE is issued then it can take longer.

Thanks a lot for the reply… If i get it renewed in India then do I need to go US consulate for visa stamping? what in case if i go for visa renewal to the US…when i return back to India do I need to go for stamping…what are the fees for H1B visa renewal?..thanks again…

Anytime your visa stamp has expired and you are outside of US, you need to appear for stamping before returning to US.

If your visa is still valid and you get the petition extended, then you can return on the old visa stamp and the new petition.