H1B Visa Renewal - India or Canada?

Hi Everyone,

I need to get my H1b visa stamped. I will be going to Canada next month for a short trip and was wondering if I should get my H1 stamped while there or use Automatic Visa Revalidation rule to re-enter US and get the visa stamped using the dropbox facility in India later in the year.

Last time I had gotten 221g in Mumbai consulate (resolved very quickly), so want to know what’s the better option in my case.


As you have a history of 221g, I personally think you better get it done in India. If the 221g was related to missing supporting documents then you need not worry, if you have them this time. But if the 221g was related to your background check, there are higher chances that they will run a background check again.

It is just an opinion and I dont mean to scare you. In case, if you are given one, you might have to end up spending time in Canada, paying up for your stay as you wait. Where as if you are given one in India, it wouldn’t cost you more and you would be more comfortable having a vacation in India as you wait for their admin process to be completed.