H1B Visa Renewal and H1B Transfer Issues?


I have two questions.

Through my current employer, I had my H1B stamped on September 2014.

But still waiting for a project in US.

  1. Is there any RENEWAL for H1B after 12 months of stamping?

  2. If I join another company in India, will there be any issues in H1B TRANSFER to the new company?

  1. Yes visa can be extended.

  2. There should not be any issues with the transfer.

Hi Ankit,
My H1B is valid from Oct 2014 to Sept 2016.
I have not yet traveled to US.
Is my visa is valid even i have not travel to US before Oct 2015 ?
Or Do I have to update/renew my H1B visa before Oct 2015?

your visa is valid till sept 2016, it doesn’t matter whether you travel to US till that time or not. you will have to get it extended only after 2016 sept