H1b VISA rejected status

I have attended h1b interview at delhi consulate, my visa was put in 221G.
Employer had provided all the requested docs, and then VO asked me for re-interview.
VO said that visa has been rejected and gave some lame reason.
It has been more then 3 weeks, but my visa status is still in refused status (last update date still first interview date).

Any idea what should be status once it get finally rejected ?

Did the Visa Officer take your passport ? What did he say ? If the VO mentioned that your Visa is rejected, then there is no next staus at least for now. You need to re-apply with a new employer and come back with a new H1B approval for visa stamping.

No… VO returned my passport and taken all other docs like original i797b, offer letter etc… He said my h1b has been rejected and was asking me to sign a voluntary withdrawal, which I didn’t not sign.

I would like know… if it is finally rejected then would I get any email, or is it just a verbal communication ?
and what about the status in ceac.state.gov site, It is still refused. Would it be changed to something else ?

Actually I am still optimistic, because I didn’t sign the withdrawal affidavit.