H1B Visa Ready(Stamped), looking for job opportunity in US

I work for top IT company in India, but I got my visa (H1B) initiated from a different company. My VISA was approved and finally stamped in December 2015 for 3 yrs(valid till 2017). Now, the company who got my VISA done is not saying anything about my travel, they almost disappeared. I want to travel ASAP and looking for a good opportunity. Can anyone help me in finding an opportunity in US. BTW I am an IT Analyst with 6+years of experience (JAVA, Web Services, Spring). Please help.


Can you please reply with you email-id. I may be able to help you, I will drop my email and contact details once you provide your email id.


Hi Ram,

Thanks for responding.

My email Id is sadanashiv85@gmail.com

Waiting to hear from you.

Hi Ram,

I have the similar situation. The company , which facilitated my H1 B, is not saying anything about my travel. My H1 B is valid till September 2017. My email id is : amit.mbm29@gmail.com

Hi Ram,

Similar situation…any help from ur side is highly appriciable

Email biman81mail@gmail.com