H1B Visa Process


I came to the US in March on B2 visa and thought to apply for jobs. I have worked in the UK for over 4 years. Unfortunately, the companies that interviewed me could not make any offers due to the fact that I would have to be sponsored on the H1B work visa. I was advised by the HR that the US govt quota for H1B was already exhausted for the year, and that the next opportunity to file for H1B for foreign workers would be in April 2017 when the application window opens up again.

Does it mean that I shouldn’t bother making any further application for jobs until next April? Could you please explain to me how the H1B sponsorship/lottery process works? My ‘‘faint’’ understanding is that companies could probably hire new employers at any time and then wait for April of each year to file for their H1B. Am i right?

Please I would appreciate if you could explain to me how the H1B visa process works.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.



No more H-1B opportunities until April 2017. Even if they want to hire you, you cannot work for them until H-1 gets approved.