H1B visa petition

My H1B petition is got approved and it valid till Dec 2017 ,Now in my project there is no onsite requirement hence they are not processing for stamping. I have some queries, Please assist

  1. If my company did not send/process for stamping till Dec 2017 then my H1B would waste,?

  2. Suppose now another project has requirement for onsite, so do i need to fill again all related forms of petition which i had filled earlier like Onsite Position and iteneary details, Project requirements and This will go again for approval then I after that only go for stamping

  3. What is the cost of H1B visa stamping.

  1. No, it won’t. You can cap-exempt for next 6 years. Same employer or a different employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you within 6 years from original approval date.

  2. Employer will have to file LCA and H-1 amendment, and you can then appear for stamping.

  3. You can check the cost on us travel docs site, but I think it is b/w 150 and 200 USD.