H1B visa of medical resident

hi i got residency in usa and usually ECFMG sponsors J1 visa for International Medical Grads. since I completed USMLE STEP 3 i am given H1b visa. For emergency visa application which category i have to choose .? Either student like my fellow residents who got J1 or business because of H1b. our course starts on 23rd June.kindly share your experience

I am having hard time understanding your question. Is it in context with DS160 form to apply for H1B visa?

for expedited visa appointment which category I have to choose

For any type of visa appointment, expedited or regular you will need to fill out DS-160. The category for you is going to be H1B.
For expedited request, checkout the requirements at below link. At least I do not see H1B visa qualify for expedited request. You are travelling for employment on H1B and not business.

Call the consulate or VFS if you need more information



i am medical resident and most of my colleagues got J1 but I got H1B because i completed USMLE STEP 3.; my question is whether i should choose student / business for expedited appointment?