H1b visa is expiring soon and Working from Home for Client last 6 months.


My H1b visa is going to expire on 16th Sep, 2016. But last 6 months I am working from home (India) for my client.

Due to some personal issues I can’t go US now and not filing H1b visa extension. But client asking me to work till end of this year… My client don’t know about my visa expiring. Employer is not take care of it.

Can I continue to work for my client (from India) even after 16th Sep, 2016( visa will expire on this date) without filing visa extension?. Is it legal?

Incase, If my employer file extension and approval is in process, can I work with client from India even after 16th Sep 2016?

If you are in India, then the visa doesn’t matter. You can continue to work remotely irrespective of whether you hold any visa or not.

Even after the petition/visa has been extended, you can continue to work for the client from India.

Only when you enter US, does your visa/petition come into play.