H1B VISA interview without amended I-797

I and my wife got our H1B petitions approved in the 2nd week of April. However, we noticed a spelling mistake in my wife’s I-797 and we informed our attorney about it. The attorney communicated this with the USCIS PP support services and got a reply on 28th May as below.

The beneficiary’s last name has been corrected into our system ([corrected name])

[b]I have forwarded to our clerical staff for the production of an amended approval notice[/b]

My question is whether she can attend VISA interview at the consulate with the original approval notice or will she have to wait until the amended notice has arrived? I am not sure how long will USCIS take to send out the amended notice. I have noticed that interview slots are opened up for July 1st week at our nearest consulate. So, if she can attend the interview with the original one, I could schedule the interview appointments ASAP.



You can appear w/ the old petition and copy of the USCIS letter. Someone told me in the forum that they checked w/ a lawyer who mentioned that consulate looks at the passport to get the correct name for the applicant.

In that case, you can go ahead w/ the interview w/ the above information.

Thank you Saurabh for your answer.
Our attorney informed us that she got the amended petition and she’ll be scheduling our appointment soon.