H1B VISA interview question: VISA Did you work in US previously?

My h1b Interview is scheduled on this 19th October. I have been to US back in 2007 for months visit on L1 type visa. I was paid on per Day basis as allowance and was still an Indian company employee. I did not apply for SSN at that time. So what should be the best answer for me in H1b Visa Interview?

H1b VISA interview question: Did you work in US previously?

What shall be the best answer for me.

I was on L1 type VISA for around 5 months in US in 2007 but was on stipend. and did not apply for the SSN also? Kindly advise, my interview is scheduled on 19th October?

You should answer truthfully. You should mention that you did work in US on L-1 visa for 5 months. I don’t think they would go into SSN details, but can ask for paychecks. You can then show your Indian payslips for whatever you got paid.

Thank you very much Suarabh. Just a small clarification that I was still a salaried Employee of India company and was paid on Day basis in US for expenditures in US.

Lot of L-1 employers do that. Carry any documents you have related to your L-1 period, just in case they ask about it.

Hello ashishnkulkarni,

I am also in the same situation. Your h1b visa got stamped? Did they asked anything about your L1 visa ( Tax Papers and SSN details). There is any alternative solution for this.