H1B visa interview - PIMS Database Issue

I attended the interview on June 28 in chennai consulate .VO asked few questions and sent my passport internally to some other indian lady and i was asked to goto a different counter.There my wife and baby were asked to go ,since the process may take a long time.

It took more than 2 hrs there for work related and previous job related question.

Finally the VO was also there as he finished his work for the day and was on the way for lunch.I guess they were finishing the admin processing for my case.

But at the end they concluded the petition was not reflecting the PIMS database and gave me a blue slip with only that point checked and took my original I797 and gave back my passport

I asked VO if my job is to wait for courier,he said yes and and then drop your passport back.

How long will it take for jus the PIMS as i guess they completed the admin processsing with me in the counsulate.

Please give some hope

any updates on your visa…