H1B Visa interview next month in UK


I did MTech in computer science also I have total 8 years of experience as a Software developer. I got H1B approval on September 30th, I will be having visa interview in the next month. Here my case is I got married in the last year and came to UK as a dependent in January 2022. I have got dependent visa card in the month of April(where I am eligibility to work in UK from April with this visa). As I wanted to spend time with my husband and decided to take a break for sometime so didn’t tried for any jobs here meanwhile my H1B got picked and got approval as well. So, I thought to start new job in US.

What could be the better answer if I face about my current employment in the interview like what is your employment and why you’re not working here?

Can anyone please suggest the answers and would like to know if this will be any problem for visa stamping?

Many thanks in advance

For any visa interview questions just answer as per the facts and truthfully. Taking break in employment do not impact visa approval.

Thank you Kalpesh for the response