H1B Visa Interview - documents required


My H1B petition has been approved. I received from the employer:

  1. the original I-797 action notice.

  2. copy of the contract between my employer and company X.

  3. copy of letter from my company’s attorney stating that company X is the vendor for company Y (client) and my employer is the sub-contractor to provide consultancy services for company X.

Apart from above I do not have any document. For visa interview please let me know:

a) what other documents are needed?

b) I plan to apply for H4 visas for my wife and son along with my H1 visa, and appear for visa interview together. Is this OK, or any suggestions? Also, any other documents required for H4?

Thanks and regards,


  1. You may be asked to provide copy of contract b/w X and Y. Although your attorney has provided you a letter explaining the arrangement, yet they can ask for X-Y contract as well. You also need to understand how employer-employee relationship will work in your case. How your employer will manage your day-to-day tasks/activities/performance when you are located at a client site w/ a middle vendor in b/w? Based on the size of employer, you can also be asked for wage reports, unemployment reports, information about other employees, tax returns etc. Also, its nice to carry copy of I-129, copy of LCA and copy of the letter your employer submitted to USCIS at the time of petition filing.

  2. Yes, that’s the preferred way. You will need the passports, proof of relationship (marriage certificate, wedding card/album and child’s birth certificate).