H1B visa from IT MNC to small company in US.


I work for a big IT MNC A in India, But I got an offer from a small IT company from US. Employer is processing my H1B and I am supposed to join directly in US as there is no branch in India.

My friend also in same position, In stamping he got green slip, asking for few more documents. VO’s main question is why he is moving from big company to small company.

In the mean time i resigned from MNC A (Inida) and joined MNC B (In India).

I am sure VO will be having the same question as “why I am moving from a big company to small company”.



Be confident.
Moving to a small company cant be a reason for rejection, moreover h1b is a dual intent visa, hence even if VO thinks that you are a pottential immigrant, he cant reject the visa on that pretext.

So, kill the interview have balls :slight_smile:

all the best.