H1B visa from 2 employers for FY 2015


I am in US on H4 Visa and looking for H1B visa. There are 2 companies who are willing to file H1B visa for me but I not sure whether I can get my H1B filled by 2 different employers or not. Both are good companies and have good track records but Is it feasible to go with 2 different employers or it might lead to any RFE or Issues at later stages…


You should be good to file for 2 H1 applications as long as they are different. Can you please share the details of the consultants or companies, as I am looking for H4 to H1 for my wife. If you have issues sharing here, I can give you my email.


What is her skill set? Please do share your email address here and let me know her skill

I have sent you a private message with her email address and her skill set is .Net, SQL, Java, Quality Assurance

From this year onwards, all duplicate H-1B applications will get barred from processing even if they’re filed from 2 seperate companies. Instead of trying to cheat the System, it’s better to try your luck with a single application…

No, that’s not true, the rule still holds, USCIS cannot stop 2 different companies from filing for same applicant. It’s only for applicant filing from same company.