H1B visa extension through premium processing and visa re-stamping


I am currently in US and my H1B visa is expiring on 31-Sep-2013 and I have valid I-94 till 10-Oct-2013. I have to Visit India in November because of unavoidable personal reasons. I am Planning to apply for my H1B visa extension thru Premimum processing. My question is that if I get the extension approval by Sep-13 (I read Premium processing is done within a month or two), by when shall I get my visa re-stamped and from where. Also since I have to visit India in Nov-13, can I stay in US until then because I have a extension approval and get the visa stamping from India in Nov?

Quick response would be really appreciated.



If you get H-1 extended, then you will get an attached I-94 along w/ it. That will allow you to stay and work for a duration beyond Oct 10.

You can appear for stamping either in CA or MX (as this is not your first H-1 stamping) or can get it stamped in India when you are there.

Thanks Saurabh!!