H1B visa extension problem-help needed

I have applied for amendment on 23 rd for client A and location B.i got an rfe March 28 and responded to rfe June 23rd.i have filed amendment + extension same client and location on july 21 st as my I 94 expires on August 6th.

My amendment got denied on july 29.

Right now my amend+ extension is in progress and is with nebraska and i94 expired

What are chances of getting my extension approved?

It is very hard to tell just based on these details. Everything depends on the case details like Job, employer employee relationship thing, speciality occupation, etc. so many things…hard to give a generic answer.

thanks for info.my client didn’t provided proper client letter.client mentioned that I am working with their company through vendor with specific job title.

NO job duties or my employer details or right or control was not mentioned n client letter.i submitted that letter as rfe response and it got denied saying that employ- employer relation cant established

Now for my extension,my manager said that she will provide all the details

What are chances for approval?

If there is enough documentation, the chances are definitely better. talk to attorney and get all the documents that are required in the format as required by USCIS.

Thanks kumar.can I transfer to different employer with same client?.i 94 already expired.

If yes what are chances of approval

If your I-94 expired, then you may end up into something called as Bridge Situation…You need to provide documentation telling that you were in period of authorized stay. Talk to your attorney on this.

Thank you kumar.

I have applied for H1B transfer through another employer with same client in premium processing.

Approved till 12/31/2021.

Thank for help

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Great. Congrats ! Did you had I-94 expired when you applied for the second H1B transfer ?

Yes kumar.my 1-94 expired on Aug 6th.ibhave filed H1b transfer on 15th November and its approved yesterday.

Thank you for your help

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Cool. Glad it worked out.

Hi kumar,

One more question.can I ask my first employer revoke original extension petition?
As H1b transfer approved through bridge petition,what happens original petition got denied?


Now, technically, it does not matter as you have got new I-94… so your old petition may not be relevant. USCIS looks at, if you maintained status before they issued your I-94 extension as well with the H1B. So, you maintained status, that’s why they gave you approval and I-94…
Nevertheless, discuss with your attorney once to be sure.