H1b Visa Extension from india is possible?

I have valid H1b visa till feb 2013, since i am not able to travel for few months, will it be possble to extend my visa… I can travel after july,2013.

Is there any way to make my visa useful??? Please help me out.

Are you still working for the same company thatfiled for your H1B?

Yes, they can file for extension. USCIS may want to know why they are filing for extension when they didn’t use it during the first term.

YEs i still working for the same company

Wat is the procedure for duing that. and wat will be charge for it? Since in my company they are telling extention is not possible from India.

They will have to file a cap-exempt petition (I-129) and select the option of extension of previously approved petition (or something like that). Cost would be around 500 USD (don’t remember exact cost). Processing ca take 2-6 months under regular processing and 15 calendar days under premium processing.

so its possible to extend my visa from India?

Yes, it is possible

ok Thanks a lot for your reply i ll speak with my company and get back to you if i have any dbts.

Hi heamlath,
I am having the similar situation like you.Plesae let me know if your employed could file an extension from India?

Hi Sourabh,

They should file for cap-exempt petition before the previously approved petition gets expired or it should be done after?