H1B VISA- Extension Filed with RFE received after I94 Expiry, then Job Termination without RFE response -COVID 19


H1b extension has been filed by my employer before my VISA expiry, and then recieved RFE after 15 days of my I94 expiry. Now due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Employer has asked me to resign and not filing an RFE response. May 12th would be my last day.
My question: I cannot travel back, since ther is a travel ban with no certainity to start again. In order to be in status and does not accrue any unlawful status, what are my options?


The best option is to take the advice from lawyer, becoming to visitor visa is another option,
but i suggest to take lawyer advice.
Best of luck


I’m currently on CPT outside US, my H1B visa was approved in 2019 but the change of status was denied. My visa was picked from a different employer, so I applied for a transfer and now my previous employer’s client has terminated my job due to COVID-19. Here are few questions I have:

  1. What is the best course of action? Should I wait for my current employer under whom my H1B visa has picked and wait for a client then go for H1B stamping?
  2. Apply for H4 and come into US, for this scenario here are few questions:
    a. Will my H1B still be active?
    b. How many days will my H1B visa be active before I lose it?
    c. Can I transfer to my H1B that was approved in 2019 after coming into USA?
  3. What are the other options?

Any help is much appreciated.


I have taken the advice from multiple lawyers, and all are saying. that I have limited to no options available. I can apply for Vistor VISA, but no sureity, if USCIS gives VISA retroactively.
If that is the case,then I will become Out of Status as soon as my employment is terminated. In ususal scenario, I would have travelled back to my home country, and avoided the Out of Status case, but due to travel ban, that options is ruled out.

So, if anyone has some suggestion, on what can be done in this case. Please advise.