H1b VISA Extension Denied, how to travel in current COVID-19 situation?


I am working in Chicago on H1b VISA. Today, my VISA Extension is denied by USCIS and it’s reflecting on USCIS site.

As Visa is denied and my 240 days are getting over on Apr 2nd, I have couple of questions:

  1. Whether Apr 2nd will be my last day of legal stay OR the time given (1 or 2 Weeks) in the denial notice? which will take precedence?
  2. Based on information available, Indian government has banned all the international travels till 29th March due to COVID -19. If this ban continues then what all options are available to extend my stay so that it doesn’t fall into out of status.

Help will be appreciated.


These are unusual circumstances around the world. Keep documentation that explains why you overstayed. I suggest filing an appeal against denial, now is the right time

Don’t worry about your last day in these hard times. Be safe and check whether you can file why it is denied