H1B Visa expired renew process from India


I have stayed in USA for one year and came back to India.My H1 B visa is expiring very soon and I know I will not be able to travel before it expires and my company has no plans to file for an extension before It expires.

  1. How can I get a new Visa after it expires? Do i need to go through cap and do the same process again?

  2. What is the process for getting H1B if I change my current employer?


  1. Same or different employer can file for cap-exempt petition for you. This is not subject to quota and can be filed anytime. They will need your US payslips, W2s and copy of previously approved petition beside the usual petition filing documents.

  2. The new employer files a new petition for you, which is cap-exempt. Documents required are what I mentioned in (1)