H1B Visa Expired, Company has not given paystubs for 3 months, Please Help

My H1B petition has got approved in 2015 and US Visa has stamped in 2016. Employer asked to come to USA as they have project for me. I have travelled to USA on stamped H1B visa and a client letter from Aug, 2016 to Nov, 2016. During my 3 months USA tenure, employer has not given any salary or paystub to me for this period. My I94/ H1B Visa has to expire in Dec, 2016. Hence company filled the H1B extension which got approved but never shared Extension copy with me (I have an extension receipt number which shows approved in USCIS website). Hence I been forced to travel back to India due to lack of funds. Company keep on saying my payroll is running where the company is filling tax on my behalf.
Please help what can I do to save my H1B visa and get the paystubs for 3 months from the company.