H1B Visa - Employer Change - Visa Stamping


I am currently in USA on H-1B Visa. I came to USA in Jan 2011 and I had my Visa and Original H1B until Sep 2013.

I have been with the same employer since the time I came to USA. My Employer renewed my H-1B and I got the renewal for 3 years until Sep 2016. Since my current Visa expired I am on I-94.

I am planning to go to India early next year:


  1. Since I am with the same employer since my original H-1B was filed, do I need to still go to Visa interview in India or can I send the documents through mail, when I am there in India?

  2. Assuming I get my visa approved until Sep 2016, and I come back to USA. Then if I change the job, my new employer will have to transfer the H-1B. In that case, will my Visa be still valid until Sep 2016 or should I attend Visa interview again, next time I go out of United States?

Please let me know.

I think :

1> Yes , you have to go in person

2>If you have valid visa stamped till 2016 …you can come and go to USA …n number of times… duh , its advisable to get a new visa stamp every time you change a employer…