H1b visa could not go through RFE response stage

Hi all,
Thanks redbus2us.

I got lottery this year. Two days back I got mail from my employer.

It states that “your visa could not go through RFE response stage- so not gone ahead” .

Can anyone tell me . What does it mean?.
Is it rejected(denied)? Or
Still there is a hope?

Thanks again.

It means either that USCIS rejected your application based on RFE documents submitted or your employer made a decision not to proceed with the RFE by not submitting the documents requested by USCIS. You may want to call your employer and ask them instead.

Thanks ramanan256,

I discussed with them, they are telling that we will try with coming months, it may get approve(they are not assure). its same as last year only few cases. they didnt use the “rejected”, thats the only concern… Thank you again