H1B Visa Cap Exempt new time frame , Recapture after 1 year outside ? Full 6 years?


I have a H1B visa which was expired on October, 2018. I already utilized 4 years 8 months of that Visa.
Now my next employer wants to utilize my H1B under Cap Exemption process. If we go for that option will I get only 16 months (unused time) to stay in US or I can have a fresh 6 year bucket as I spent more than 1 year outside US?

Please suggest the best way to get maximum bucket.


Interesting point, frankly I am not sure how USCIS would treat your case. Usually they give the left over time, but in your case, it may be different too…I have no idea and not many users have your situation.
Do update here after you apply and get decision for community benefit.