H1B visa application on review with out 221g.

Visa officer told Usually when you come to this stage we say Yes or No . But in your case your file is under review. He asked for my licence to practice and Registration papers went in and took copies of them .

He got my passport, H1b approval notice and copies of my US Practice licence and registration documents and said your application is in review. He kept Passport, approval notice and copies of my licence . He also issued US rights book and green paper stating how to collect the passport . When I look online it says it is under necessary administrative processing. Do you know what exactly will happen now.

They will be doing administrative processing to confirm that you are indeed eligible for a H-1B job. They kept the passport, and so its a positive sign. The processing itself can take anywhere from few weeks to several months.

Thank you subash,

Today they emailed me and asked me a copy of LCA, I-129 and Supportive documents submitted to USCIS by the petitioner. I am going to scan all those documents and send them by email and also going to send them by mail. I will keep you posted.

Thank you

Finally, my visa has been issued!.. No additional questions asked… It took 31 days in Vancouver.