H1b visa 221g pending to H4 application

Hi Friends,

I am in a dire need for suggestion. I have been on h1B for past 5.5 years . When me and my wife travelled down to India and went for stamping together , mine got into 221(g) blue slip ( passport returned with no documents asked for as such) , while my wife who is also on h1b for another employer got approved.

My son who was on her dependent Visa also got approved. I also have another daughter who was born in the US. My wife travelled back with my 2 kids and is having a tough time taking care of the kids single handedly juggling with a full time job.

Waiting on 221g is uncertain ( i work on a Employer - Vendor - Client model ) . With the kids’ school starting off in a few weeks , me travelling back to the US to support my family is important.

Would applying for H4 , while waiting for H1b Pending Administrative Processing 221(g) blue slip , a recommended option.

Also if I do apply for H4 , Does my chances of approval on H4 decrease , just because I am waiting on H1 221g on which decision is pending , and that I am in my 6th year of H1B with 3 months to expiration of 6 year term.

The most likely reason the visa officer put in a administrative processing hold ( 221 g ) for me as he wanted to verify client letter

The client letter I provided was provided by a immigration agency who is authorized to provide immigration related letters for this client( this is a new change for this client since a year or so )

The VO was not convinced why the client would not give letter on their own letterhead. He checked my I-797, LCA , I-129 , paystubs and W2s , but they were all returned back along with the passport when he handed me the 221(g) blue slip for administrative processing hold.( no documents asked for )

The only thing they kept back is the Client letter I provided

Does anyone have prior experience in this kind of scenario. Any help provided is much appreciated

Hello - were you able to move to H4? I’m in similar situation where my husband is approved but I’m stuck with my kid in India.

Hi can u pass your contact and what you did for this? Same boat and same thoughta