h1b visa 221g. Now want to attend visa intw from another company

Hi all, 


I had applied h1 petitions (2014 quota) from two different companies. Recently, I went to visa interview from one company and I got 221(g) blue. I don't have hopes on getting the visa stamped as 221g has no deadline. Now I wanted to attend visa interview from the second company. Following are my queries.


1) Is possible to attend for visa from another company when one is still 221g(administrative processing)? If yes, in what circumstances I can attend?

2) First of all, Is it OK to attend for second company? Will it a bad remark?

3) If the petition from the first company is revoked, can I attend for visa from second company?

Hi ,

                Feel sorry for ur case ,can u plz eleborate more on ur part like which place you have been for stamping and what all questions did the VO asked you , as the matter of the fact as  u have attended the VISA for company A then again in very shortspan u taught of attending it for company B i think they have there Database with our passports numbers unique dont take risk but i hope u vl recieve a fruitfull messsage shortly.