H1B visa 221(g)6(c)1 issue. anybody got stamped after H1b waiver approved

i am H1b visa holder .it valid until 2015 december. i came to india for 10 days visit . and i went for visa stamping but i didn’t got my visa stamped. i got a administrative processing with 221(g)6©1. it means fraud or misrepresentation. but i never did any kind of such things. at the interview time vo said everything good. but we need some verification about my previous employers company.(3 years back i have another h1b employer) after 10 days of my interview i got a call and asked applying for waiver or taking back my application. i said i’ll go for waiver. after 3 months i got my passport back but it didn’t have visa stamped or rejected. just like before i go for stamping .i am ready to apply for waiver with atorney lawer…my question is is anybody had got visa stamped after waiver approved. and my spouse is having H4 visa valied until 2015 december. still in usa with 2 school going us born kids. how long my spouse can stay in us.

I don’t know about the waiver.

However, your spouse should not stay in US on H-4 if you are not inside US. She is in US as your dependent. And if you are not inside US for more than a reasonable period. You should follow-up w/ your attorney.

Hi Sue

Did you ever get back to USA after you got a 221g 6ci?