H1B Validity Related Query

Dear All,

Today morning IST I received my H1B stamped Visa on my Passport via courier.

But please help me understand this, the Expiration Date mentioned on my Visa stamp is 31 Dec 2021, whereas on my LCA the Employment end date is mentioned as 31 July 2022.

Does it mean my H1B Visa is just valid till 31 Dec 2021?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated here!


What is the end date on the I-797 approval notice for H1B? Normally the visa end date should match with your I-797.

Thanks Kalpesh for your message!

On the I-797B it’s mentioned 31 Dec 2021 but whereas on the LCA my employment end date mentioned is 31 Jul 2022.

Consulate only looks at the I-797 expiry and match the visa date accordingly. They don’t care about what’s in the LCA.

Talk to your employer’s attorney to find out why your I797 has early expiry.