H1B - USCIS Question

Hi all,

Happy to say I have a new job offer on my plate that came with a very big but well deserved pay jump.

Will the massive increase in pay have any affect on the H1B filing process? In the sense asking for RFE or anything that may be a roadblock?

I haven’t gotten a raise from my current employer since 2020 - almost 1 and half years - and the new pay scale is in line with average salaries for my position in the company’s location. The new job also comes with a higher job title.

I got an RFE on proving specialty occupation when I first applied 3 years ago and got an approval.

Am I just being paranoid or is there anything I should be worried about? This is the one step / hurdle that I need to cross for beginning the new chapter of my journey and I’m a bit tense about it (and I think you all can relate why :slight_smile:

Any insight would be appreciated, thank you!

Just the hike shouldn’t be the reason for RFE. There may be other reasons like degree not related to the specialty occupation and few others that can generate RFE.

Hi!, Thanks for the reply, the degree relating to job duties was why I got my first RFE and it was approved after submitting documentation. Will that be on file at USCIS and will it help avoid RFE?

Each case including extension of status or change of employer aka transfer petition are treated as new/fresh from the point of scrutiny and adjudication. The adjudicating officer may give RFE for the same reasons for any past RFE and you will need to provide the response to the RFE via proper supporting documentation.

Ok, will keep that in mind, thank you!