H1B US Visa Transfer while not being in US


I have a valid H1B petition which expires on Sep 2015. my H1B visa has been stamped on Feb 2013. My project currently only has a mexico oppurtunity for which i am currently going through a work permit process ( I am accepting the offer just for monitory gains. My goal is to move to US). I wanted to know just in case after going to Mexico lets say by next year April, if i dont get a US opportunity from my current organization, Can i look for a job in US under different petitioner. Can my H1B be easily transferred. I heard that atleast one time travel to US is necessary from your current petitioner so that the trasfer is possible.

H-1 is never transfered. What happens is that a new employer files a new petition for you and show an old approved petition as reference of having made through the cap. This way you are not subject to April filing or Oct start date.

The requirement for this is to have a previously approved petition. As long as you have that, the new cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) can be applied.