H1B Two approved pettions from one employer

Hi ,

I came to US in 2010 July on L1B and my company applied COS(L1B TO H1B) in April 2012 and got approved in September 2012.


My Current H1B is valid till September 2013 and last week my company was applied H1B extension in premium processing .I am planning to go India on vacation in May first week ,

My questions are


	My new approved petition (PP) will be valid with immediate effect date or will it start from September 2013 since current petition will expire in September 2013.


	If I go for stamping will they stamped visa till September 2013 or new petition approval date.
  1. If your employer does the right thing, he will mention a start date of Oct 2013 in the new petition. USCIS will then approve it for Oct 2013.

  2. Carry both the petitions, and show them to the VO. He should approve the visa for the longer term.