h1b - trying to get out, but no employers willing to transfer

Hi guys, new member here.

I remember struggling to get h1b after college. Then finally got one and was so grateful.

I dont consider it a blessing anymore.

The politics, the yelling, cursing, the unnecessary stress. Literally unnecessary. Were not saving lives, building rocketships or finding the cure for cancer.

Anyway, im tired.

So last year i managed to get an offer from some company. They took back the offer because they didnt want to deal with h1b transfer. It was also my fault since i didnt tell i was on h1b.

I learned my lesson and so applied for another job recently.

They sent an exam, and i gave solutions that they loved. Gad phone calls and a wonderful and fun in person interview.

Then at the end of the interview i told my “potential boss” about my h1b. He looked surprised and possibly disappointed.

I then informed the HR as well after the interview about my h1b situation.

No response.

I dint think im getting this job, and i dont even feel like following up. Interview was last friday so technically this friday id follow up, but i dint see any point anymore…

Could use some advice… What can i do?

First of all, dont get disappointed.

Next: Try to realize the reality and draw your limits before jumping into the street with a H1B tag on it. Only the thing is that you are walking by keeping your H1B tag deep inside your pocket. It works off Blutooth… those (any) employer sensors would detect your pocket if not today, tomorrow for sure.

So, first try to sense what your dollar(H1B status) buys. Try to expect little less than what you thought that you could buy. If you get its full value, you are the rock star. If you get what you valued at, you are the winner. If you dont get it, you are Hero… who fights till the climax…(at least in Bollywood).

Fun part aside. What you are thinking is that every job in the market is your. But try to hang on with some consulting company/other company who would listen to your immigration story first. Your salary, kingdom etc comes later. Try this life till you get your GC, then also you need to remember that you are the first generation immigrant, needs to scale the pain if you really want to stick back in US. If not “Mera Bharath Mahaan” always welcomes with warm pair of hands…