H1b transferred from company A to Company B and company c is still waiting and filed petition after company b approval

I was working for Company A and I applied for company B and Company C, company B started processing my visa and it got approved and I started working for company B and it’s been only 2 weeks, now company C is starting my visa transfer petition with company A approval, can I process my visa with from company A to Company C even after approval from company B

There is nothing called as H1B Transfer as nothing is transferred from one employer when you apply for new H1B. It is basically an extension of your H1B status as a new petition from your new employer. Your H1B tied to previous employer is for making sure you are in valid status.

You should give your latest H1B info, that you are currently working with, to make sure that you are maintaining your H1B status and provide that H1B info for applying as cap exempt.