H1b Transfered but changed mind before leaving present employer


I need legal advice related to H1b Visa Transfer.

I am working for A company on H1b visa.I have file H1b transfer through another company B.Now My visa is is in process through premium processing.But I came to know some fact about company B and now i want to continue with my old company A.I am still on payroll of A company and I have’t join company B.

Now my question is that

  1. Can i continue with company A even my visa transfer is approved through company B.

  2. I have’t done any contact with company B,so can he take any legal action against me. for not joining after processing my visa.

  3. If I want to join Company C after some time while working in company A, will my previous transfer affect joining of company C.

I need this information urgently.Please help me with your kind advice.



If you haven’t signed any contract or legal agreement then in that case Employer B cant do anything.

Just they can ask you for a money that they have involved for you on the basis of may be email communication if you have done so over email.

there is no harm in joining C after some time …

Thanks for your reply.It mean i can continue with A without any filing any new petition by A since I am still on Payroll of A.

Employer B has just file visa nothing else like training accommodation.I want to know it is legal that B ask me H1b filing fee based on email conversation.

As per my knowledge you can apply for N -no of H1 transfers and nobody can harm you in that. for more info you can read FAQ from Us legal site :

Regarding your Q that B is legal enough to demand for a money, I cant surely say but I have seen company is demanding money for Transfer processing and they usually mentioned it over email or any written way… if they have something like this they can hire a lawyer and demand for a money

Thanks once again.My only concern was that Can i work with same employer even if H1b is approved by B.It looks like I can still work.
As far as demanding money is concern by B we don’t have any email which give go ahead to employer B for processing.In email I useally just asked about Visa cost and gave him some document.