H1B transfer


I was working with Company A in US on H1 between 2008-2012. Before returning to India I had filed for extension and it was approved by USCIS. After returning to India I quit Company A and joined Company B. Company A declined to share the extension approval notice and latest I-797. I only had EAC number. Now when I check my case status I see a revocation notice was sent in 2013. My question is will Company B be able to transfer my H1 based on whatever documentation I have? I don’t have latest I-797 but I have previous 2 I-797 and all W2 and salary slips.

Thanks in advance


Pls understand that technically there is nothing called h1b transfer. Company B can file a new petition for you and it will be cap-exempt since you were on H1b before.

Thanks for the prompt answer, I wanted to know when Company B files a new petition for me can there be any problem as I don’t have the latest I-797 in my possession?